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Mazuri Primate L/S Gel 5B25

Mazuri Primate L/S Gel 5B25
Mazuri Primate L/S gel is designed to be a reduced starch, high fiber diet that is highly fortified to meet the needs of a variety of primates in captivity.
Features and Benefits
  • Low starch and High fiber – Similar to the composition of wild food items.
  • Contains lactobacillus cultures - May promote GI tract health.
  • Natural source vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C.
  • Fortified with additional B vitamins – May benefits geriatric primates.
  • Omega-3 enriched – With flaxseed.
  • Meets NRC recommendations for most nutrients (except Na and Cl, on Dry Matter Basis).
  • Convenient powder - Mixes with hot water to form a palatable soft moist product.
  • Banana powder for flavor - Tested for palatability in a wide range of primates.

Product form: Dry powder mixes into high moisture gel.

Product size: Available by the KG

Guaranteed Analysis (Dry powder)

Crude protein not less than
Crude fat not less than
Crude fiber not more than 
Ash not more than
Moisture not more than

Feeding Directions


  • Mazuri® Primate L/S gel is designed to be an essential part of a total primate feeding system and may be used in conjunction with all of the Mazuri primate products.  The gel should not be fed at more than 50% of the total diet.  Care should be taken when using supplemental dietary ingredients to ensure that nutrient recommendations are assessed.
  • Feed intake will vary based on age, body size and reproductive status.  A targeted level would be 2% to 4% food intake per kg of an animal by body weight per day (dry matter basis).  This level of food intake should be achieved by feeding up to 50% Gel Diet, up to 75% of the total diet as dry Mazuri® biscuit, and plenty of fresh produce (primarily vegetables).
  • Mixing directions:
    1. Mix, by weight, 70% boiling (>180°F) water to 30% Mazuri® Primate L/S gel.
    2. Mix thoroughly with a spoon, fork or whisk for at least one minute, then pour into a shallow pan and allow to cool.  Refrigerate until firm.
    3. Cut into pieces appropriately sized for the animals being fed.
    4. The prepared gel may be fed for one week if refrigerated and may be kept frozen for up to one month.  Repeated thawing of the prepared product is discouraged.

Storage Conditions
Mazuri® Primate L/S Gel Diet has a 1-year shelf life in the dry powder form when stored in a dry environment.  For best results, store contents of the open bag in container with sealing lids.  Store in a cool (75°F or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location. The mixed product should be stored under refrigeration for no longer than 7 days.  The mixed product can be frozen for 30 days. Longer storage in the freezer will not compromise nutritional integrity, but may change physical characteristics (e.g., moisture level).


Ground soybean hulls, gelatin, dehulled soybean meal, corn gluten meal, ground beet pulp, ground oat hulls, soybean oil, flaxseed, ground corn, molasses, ground aspen, dicalcium phosphate, dried whole egg, wheat germ, sucrose, fructose, banana flavor, brewers dried yeast, salt, calcium carbonate, Primalac (Lactobacillus cultures; Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Streptococcus faecium, Aspergillus oryzae), taurine, choline chloride, beta carotene, copper sulfate, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (stabilized vitamin C), dl-methionine, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (natural source vitamin E), mixed tocopherols (a natural preservative), ascorbic acid, citric acid, rosemary extract, lecithin, potassium carbonate, niacin, manganese sulfate monohydrate, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B12 supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (vitamin K), pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, folic acid, biotin, ferrous sulfate, manganous oxide, zinc oxide, vitamin A acetate, ferrous carbonate, sodium selenite, zinc sulfate, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). 

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