Throughout March, Exotic Animal Supply offers 5% off your purchase of Mazuri® Monkey Crunch # 5M29. 

Mazuri® Monkey Crunch 20 is a highly palatable, crunchy treat formulated for dietary enrichment. Monkey Crunch is nutritionally balanced to ensure primates are receiving all of the necessary nutritional components.Features and Benefits:

  • Contains probiotics – To support GI tract health. 
  • Contains flaxseed – Great Omega-3 fatty acid source.  
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C – Remains active longer than traditional vitamin C.
  • Contains natural vitamin E. Palatable – Assures good consumption

If you would like more information on Mazuri® Monkey Crunch #5M29, including a complete nutritional profile, please click here to view and order the product from our Exotic Animal Supply online store.