This month, Exotic Animal Supply is featuring small mammal feeds from Mazuri. At Exotic Animal Supply, we strive to offer the best products at great prices.  Unmatched customer service and availability is what makes us unique! Buy online today!



Chinchilla Diet # 5M01 – 25 lb

A complete ration in pellet form designed especially for chinchillas in all phases of their life-cycle. This product now contains a multiple sources of fiber including Timothy Hay.  Features and benefits include:

  • Nutritionally complete – No supplementation required.
  • Sweet smell – Highly palatable.
  • Healthier animals – Contains optimal nutrition for chinchillas.
  • Convenient – One prdouct is all you need to keep on hand.
  • Contains natural vitamin E. Read More

   Ferret Diet # 5M08 – 25 lb
Mazuri Ferret Diet is an extruded, high energy, nutrient dense, palatable, dry diet, which provides the nutrients needed for complete life-cycle feeding of ferrets. Features & benefits include:

  • Multiple animal derived proteins appropriate for carnivores.
  • Highly palatable, extruded diet – Easy to digest.
  • High density – Low stool volume.
  • Moderate starch level – Less than 15% starch, more appropriate for carnivores. Read More

Insectivore Diet # 5MK8 – 25 lb

Mazuri® Insectivore Diet-an extruded feed designed to simulate the high protein, high fiber diet of insectivorous animals. Tested in a wide range of mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians as a replacement for all/some of the insect component of the diet.
Read More about our features and benefits.


Rabbit Diet with Timothy Hay # 530Q – 25 lb

Mazuri Rabbit Diet with Timothy is a balanced timothy hay-based diet designed for all life stages of rabbits. Features and benefits include:

  • Nutritionally complete – Not necessary to supplement with vitamins or minerals.
  • Contains a high level of fiber to maintain good digestive tract health.
  • Contains probiotics – Lactobacillus and Enterococcus sp. to promote gastrointestinal health. Read More

Rodent Breeder 6F # 5M30 – 50 lb

A diet designed for feeding rats and mice which are maintained in breeding colonies. High producing mice may benefit from using Mazuri® Mouse Breeder Diet 9F (5M68). Features & benefits include:

  • Contains yucca shidigera – reduces aerosol ammonia in animal facilities. (Headon & Dawson, 1990. Feedstuffs. 62:15-16)
  • Designed for maximum production… Read More