Mazuri foods and supplements for hoofstock are specially formulated to meet the specific dietary needs of each animal. We offer complete diets and supplements for all manner of hoofstock, including zebra food, hoofstock feed, herbivore pellets for giraffes and reindeer pellets. We also offer milk replacers for baby animals, including calves, lambs, kids, foals, piglets, llama and alpaca crias, fawns, elk calves and other young hoofstock.

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Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy

Intensify Senior Therapy is a dust-free feed specially designed for seniors and horses with sensitiv..


Mazuri Hoofstock Gel 5T5A

Mazuri Hoofstock Gel is a low-starch high fiber gel for herbivorous mammals that may be used for tra..


Mazuri Petting Zoo Diet 5Z95

Mazuri Petting Zoo Diet is a durable, palatable petting zoo food that can be dispensed easily and fe..


Purina Antler Advantage Deer 20 ARS

Purina Antler Advantage Deer 20 ARS is a nutrition-packed, 20%-protein, pelleted deer feed ration wi..


Purina AntlerMax Water Shield Deer 20

Purina AntlerMax Pellets are for the development of optimal antler size and mass. Provides for a hig..


Purina Apple and Oat-Flavored Horse Treats

Your horses will love the size, shape, and flavor of Purina Apple and Oat-Flavored Horse Treats..


Purina Carb Conscious Horse Treats

Show your horses some love with Purina Carb Conscious Horse Treats. Your horse will love this great ..


Purina Enrich Plus Ration Balancing Horse Feed

Horses need more nutrition than forage alone can provide. Today’s horses are typically limited to a ..


Purina Equine Senior Active Horse Feed

Purina Equine Senior horse feed, the trusted original senior horse feed, has been helping senior hor..


Purina Goat Chow Goat Feed

Purina Goat Chow goat feed is research-proven for the health and vitality of all breeds of goats. Th..


Purina Goat Grower 16 DQ .0015

A pelleted complete feed formulated for the optimum growth, development and maintenance of goats. De..


Purina Goat Mineral

Purina Goat Mineral is a uniquely formulated goat supplement, rich in nutrients that are essential t..


Purina Impact All Stages 12% Textured Horse Feed

Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with IMPACT ALL STAGES Horse Feed. Formulated with..


Purina Impact All Stages 14% Textured Horse Feed

Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with IMPACT ALL STAGES Horse Feed. Formulated with..


Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Horse Feed

Strategy GX Professional Formula horse feed is as simple and as complex as that. Simple, because the..


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