• Mazuri Emcelle - Tocopherol 10111
  • The product should not be mixed into complete feeds and stored for extended periods of time

  • The vitamin E activity is provided as d-alpha-tocopherol, a natural-source and biologically active form of vitamin E. This form of vitamin E, although less stable than tocopheryl-esters, does not have to be hydrolyzed prior to absorption. This seems to be of greater importance to young animals that may have a deficiency of esterase enzyme necessary to cleave the tocopheryl-esters prior to absorption and exotic animals such as the elephant and rhinoceros. 

  • The micellized form also enhances the ability of animals to utilize vitamin E. The micellization process allows the fat-soluble vitamin to be absorbed more readily than dry, oil-based, or emulsion-forms of vitamin E.

Product Form: Liquid, available in 1 liter (33.8 fl oz) plastic bottles

Vitamin E not less than 500 IU

This product contains 500 IU vitamin E activity per 1 ml. 

This product contains 500 IU vitamin E activity per 1 ml. It is designed to be fed at a daily rate of 1-3 IU per pound of body weight (2-6 IU per kg). As an example, a 100 lb animal would require 0.2 to 0.6 ml daily to provide 100 to 300 IU vitamin E activity. A 1000 lb animal would require 2 to 6 ml daily to provide 1000 to 3000 IU vitamin E activity. The product may be diluted with water immediately prior to feeding. 

The selected dosage should depend upon previous as well as existing feeding and management practices that affect animals' vitamin E status. The most important factors that increase the need for supplemental vitamin E are:

  • Low plasma tocopherol levels (below 0.2 mg per dL),
  • Continual confinement feeding of animals,
  • Feeding poor quality, long-stored roughages,
  • Feeding milk replacers that contain tocopheryl-acetate to young animals, and
  • Feeding high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's).

Storage Directions
Store at room temperature or under refrigeration. Avoid freezing and excessive heat. Product is best is used within 2 years of manufacturing. Stamped manufacturing code is read as MMDDYL, where MM is month, DD is day, Y is last digit of year and L is lot.

Emcelle-Tocopherol is a clear, liquid vitamin E supplement that can be mixed into drinking water, or top-dressed onto dry feed.

Product Weight: 1 liter

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Mazuri Emcelle - Tocopherol 10111

  • Brand: Mazuri
  • Product Code: 0010111
  • Formula Number: 10111
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $114.49

Tags: Vitamins and Supplements

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