Mazuri diets for primates are designed for chimpanzees, gibbons, spider monkeys and more. Mazuri features a low starch/high fiber primate biscuits that mirrors wild-type food items, as well as a line of high moisture gels with a range of nutritional profiles to ensure diversity in feeding programs. With Mazuri exotic animal feed you can be confident that you’re providing the ultimate dietary system in the super premium animal nutrition category. Mazuri exotic animal feed sets the high standards for quality control and sources superior ingredients for each formulation.

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Mazuri Callitrichid Gel - No Glucose Added 592Y

Mazuri Callitrichid Gel Diet - No Glucose Added is an easy-to-prepare callitrichid diet that meets t..


Mazuri Callitrichid Gel Diet, Heat Stable 57R0

Mazuri Callitrichid Diet, Heat Stable is an easy-to-prepare callitrichid diet that meets the high-fi..


Mazuri Callitrichid Gel Diet, High Vitamin D 5B34

Mazuri Callitrichid Gel Diet, High Vitamin D is an easy-to-prepare Callitrichid diet that provides e..


Mazuri Enrichment Gel Berry 5MF1

Mazuri Enrichment Gel Diet is a fruit flavored primate gel that when prepared, makes a highly palata..


Mazuri Enrichment Gum Arabic 5B35

Mazuri Enrichment Gum Arabic is an easy-to-prepare primate food for the enrichment of lemurs, bush b..


Mazuri Geriatric Gel 5S2R

Mazuri Geriatric Gel is a high-fiber gel diet designed to support a wide range of mammals with incre..


Mazuri Primate Growth and Repro Biscuit 5MA1

Mazuri Primate Growth & Repro Biscuit is specially formulated for a variety of primates which wi..


Mazuri Primate L/S Gel 5B25

Mazuri Primate L/S Gel Diet is a banana flavored low starch, low sodium, low sugar, high fiber prima..


Mazuri Primate Maintenance Biscuit 5MA2

Mazuri Primate Maintenance Biscuit is a complete diet formulated for a variety of primates. The diet..


DietGel 93M 72-10-6000

DietGel 93M is a complete maintenance diet containing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Form..


FiberBites 73-01-2101

FiberBites act as a prebiotic to nourish beneficial bacteria, promoting a healthy digestive tract wh..


HydroGel 70-01-1082

HydroGel is a non-wetting water gel for animal hydration. 98% pure water. The industry standard for ..


HydroGel 70-01-5022

HydroGel is a non-wetting water gel for animal hydration. 98% pure water. The industry standard for ..


LabGel Banana 71-02-1081

LabGel is a non-wetting naturally flavored gel, designed to provide enrichment and hydration. I..


MediGel Hazelnut 74-10-5022

MediGel Hazelnut is a highly palatable soft gel designed to administer medication by oral consumptio..


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