• Nutritionally complete - No vitamin or mineral supplements required.
  • Floating diet - For natural feeding behavior.
  • High level of fish and animal protein - Meets the needs of carnivorous species.
  • Contains natural vitamin E.

Product Form: Extruded size: 5/32" round particles.

Crude protein not less than 40.0%
Crude fat not less than 10.0%
Crude fiber not more than 5.0%
Moisture not more than 12.0%
Ash not more than 9.5%
Calcium not less than 1.85%
Calcium not more than 2.35%
Phosphorus not less than 1.0%
Sodium not more than 0.55%
Vitamin E not less than 250 IU/kg

  • Mazuri® Aquatic Turtle Diet should be fed to juvenile or adult carnivorous turtles one time per day, three to five times per week.  The diet should be scattered on the water, where it will float. 
    • For best results, feed only the amount of diet the turtles will readily consume in a 24 hour period. Turtles will usually eat floating diet for 15 to 20 minutes, and then bask for a period of time, returning later in the day to consume remaining diet that has sunk to the bottom.
    • If daily feeding is desired, be attentive to ensure appropriate growth rates are maintained.
    • Do not overfeed as excess feed will decompose resulting in poor water quality. 
      • The actual amount of diet the turtles will eat varies with temperature.

    Storage Conditions

    For best results, ensure poly-bag seal is fully closed during storage, or store contents of open paper sack in container with sealing lid. Poly-bags are packaged under nitrogen to ensure optimal freshness. Store in a cool (75°F or colder), dry (approximately 50% RH) location. Freezing will not harm the diet and may extend freshness. Adhere to the “Best if used by” date or use within 1 year of bag manufacturing.

    Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet is a complete turtle food for freshwater turtles, such as painted and red-eared turtles, at all stages of life. This floating pellet turtle food is designed to be tossed into the water to encourage animals to come to the surface for feeding. With high levels of fish and animal protein, this turtle diet meets the needs of carnivorous species. 

    Best Fed To: Mazuri Aquatic Turtle food is best for fresh water turtles such as Map Turtles, Mata Mata Turtles, Painted Turtles, Pond Turtles, Red-Eared Sliders Turtles, Snapping Turtles, juvenile Box Turtles and Wood Turtles. 

    Product Weight: 25 lb net weight paper sack 

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    Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet 25 lb 5M87

    • Brand: Mazuri
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    • Formula Number: 5M87
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