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Mazuri diets for small exotic animals come in specialized shapes, sizes and textures – from rodent pellets and chinchilla diets to ferret food, rabbit food and more. All Mazuri diets are designed to help your animals get the best nutrition.

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Mazuri Mouse Breeder 9F

Mazuri® Mouse Breeder 9F offers a moderate-energy diet in pellet form for breeding mice maintained i..


Mazuri Rabbit Diet With Timothy Hay 5lb 5M15

Make your rabbits dance with delight at mealtime, with these flavorful Mazuri Rabbit Food pellets. M..


Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet 2 lb 5663

Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet offers a vegetarian formula in pellet form for rats and mice in all life..


Mazuri Rodent Breeder 6F - 5M30

Mazuri Rodent Breeder is a diet designed for breeding rats and mice maintained in breeding colonies...


Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet 25 lb 5664

Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet offers proper guinea pig nutrition in pellet form using Timothy..


Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet 5E6A 5lb

Your guinea pigs will squeal with delight at mealtime over this nutritious and delicious Mazuri Guin..


MediGel Hazelnut 74-10-5022

MediGel Hazelnut is a highly palatable soft gel designed to administer medication by oral consumptio..


MediGel Sucralose 74-02-5022

MediGel Sucralose is a Barrier Packed non-wetting sucralose flavored, low calorie water gel designed..


Nepco Shredded Aspen Shavings 323

Contact Bedding Processed from Virgin Aspen HardwoodCompatible with all animals, including transgeni..


P.J. Murphy Course Grade Sani-Chips

This product is the larger sized brother to our original Sani-Chips. Course-grade Sani-Chips have al..


P.J. Murphy Sani-Chips

Sani-Chips, a long time staple in animal bedding, are manufactured from superior hardwoods. Our wood..


Shepherd Enviro-Dri Bedding

A recent study found the following:* Biological relevance is a key component of environmental enric..


VitaBites 73-01-2101

VitaBites are a multivitamin supplement designed to support general health while providing oral enri..


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